Choose a dog for life
Perhaps there is not a single person who could say that he hates animals, especially dogs. But few people have a clear idea of ​​which breed to choose and which…

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How to feed a puppy?
In order for your pet to grow up healthy, beautiful and happy, you need to carefully monitor its nutrition since childhood. In no case can not feed a puppy from…

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Team Voice
With a young dog, you can work out the command "Voice!". This skill is very useful when working out methods of security training (for example, when a stranger is detected…

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Place for a puppy

Conditions of keeping puppies depends on the breed and nature of the use of the dog in the service in the future. It is better to keep German Shepherds in the open air, but at one month of age, the German Shepherd puppies are kept in the house during the cold season. Puppies unsuitable for harsh winter conditions are kept in an apartment or house.

For puppies that are kept on the street, they usually make an open-air cage (a small plot of land, enclosed by a fence). The soil in this area should be hard, if the surface of the area is soft, then pebbles are poured in and tamped tightly. To prevent puddles from forming in the aviary, it is necessary to provide for a water drain. The whole area should be located so that one part of it is in the sun, and the other in the shade.

On the fenced plot is set wooden booth, the size of which depends on the size of your pet. In the winter-autumn period, a thick piece of fabric or tarpaulin is hung at the entrance to the booth, the floor is sprinkled with sawdust or straw with hay. In the rainy season it is necessary to provide your pet with a dry place so that he can lie on it. For this purpose, a kind of shield is assembled from the boards, which acts as a sunbed. Do not hold your puppy on a chain.

The location of the place for a pet in a house or apartment in most cases depends on living conditions. In no case do not place your beloved pet’s lounger in the aisle or near the door, so that it does not interfere with people and does not catch a cold from a draft. Moreover, with such an arrangement, he may become too gentle, which is not very good if you rely on him as a guard or protector of your family. It is very harmful for dogs or puppies to sleep on a tiled or tiled surface, also near stoves and batteries.
In a selected place for a puppy, a thick mat lies in a case. Cotton-based bedding and mattresses are not hygienic. Especially for your pet, you can build a “dog bed”. To do this, a thick fabric or tarpaulin is pulled on the quadrangular wooden frame with legs, which is easily removed for washing.