Team Ko me
The team "To me!" From childhood should be associated with the dog only with pleasant sensations. Often, animals avoid performing this command, having even a single negative experience of approaching…

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How dogs are trained
The behavior of the animal is influenced by hereditary factors and learning. The greater the proportion of behavioral reactions that the training component takes, the easier it is to manage…

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General information about dog training
Some owners categorically declare that their dog is naturally natural, and training will make him a boring, obedient and inert dog. And this is fundamentally wrong. The dog inherits from…

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The amount of food for dogs and food allergies

The recommended dry feed rate is usually indicated on the packaging by the manufacturer. Consider that when feeding a dog with a “superpremium” class food, the daily norm is twice as low as when using less expensive “economy” class food.

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Dry food

Recently, domestic dog owners have an alternative to traditional homemade food. These are finished dry food and canned food for animals. Particularly popular are dry granulated feed. However, the number of their consumers and fans among owners, veterinarians, animal physiologists and dogs themselves is almost equal to the number of opponents. Continue reading

Choosing a puppy for psychological qualities

So, you have weighed all the pros and cons, and decided to buy a small puppy. You feel the need to monitor its growth and development, “fashioning” day after day, your future friend. But how to recognize among the tiny living lumps of one who becomes a desired pet, and will not bring many disappointments into your life? How to choose a puppy so that later do not regret their deed? Continue reading