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You have a puppy

And the baby found himself in your house. He faces a difficult task – to grow into a healthy, obedient and efficient dog. And this should help you – the owner, educator, teacher, protector, doctor and friend. Growing up of a dog under your constant control can be compared to the work of a sculptor who carves a magnificent statue out of marble. And you need to start this work as soon as possible. Better – from the first days of the appearance of a puppy in your home. The results of your joint efforts will not be slow to manifest. Day after day, you will see your four-legged friend grow, becoming bigger, stronger, smarter and more and more attached to you.

Remember: a puppy cannot be taken out until it is given the full range of vaccinations (see “Puppy Care”). Take it to the room that is specially prepared for the new occupant. As a rule, as soon as the baby is placed on the floor, he will “check in” the first thing, letting in a puddle. Further, he continues the ritual of acquaintance with the new territory, which is necessary for all animals. At this moment, the baby’s brain does an unprecedented amount of work, processing a huge amount of unfamiliar smells, sounds and visual images. Do not bother him, wait until he is a little comfortable.

The first time a puppy is fed when he is already a little used to the house and calm down. Try for the first weeks to keep the usual diet that the puppy received at the mother. New products should be introduced gradually and in small portions, strictly observing how the baby’s digestive system reacts to unfamiliar food (see “Feeding”).

Do you have a puppy? In advance, take care of toys for the baby. In pet stores offer a wide range of balls and rings made of molded rubber, funny squeaky “hedgehogs” and “dumbbells”, as well as all kinds of toys made of latex, which are difficult to burst and do not tear when stretched. There is fun in the form of a bundle of rubber “sausages” on a tight rope, there are “bones” of bovine veins or specially treated leather, dried pig ears and calf legs; There are “flying saucers” that dogs love to jump after. Buy your baby a few different toys and provide a choice, relying entirely on his taste. Remember, the diameter of the balls should not be less than 5 cm in order to avoid swallowing!

In general, it is the things with which the puppy plays, he wants to swallow. And all that can be swallowed, is fraught with danger. Therefore, it is better to give the puppy the safest toys, especially if you can not provide constant monitoring. As such fun, you can offer a large raw beef bone (without splinters!), A piece of tarpaulin, a large apple or a carrot that is twisted and tied to a “sausage”. If the baby is not provided with such toys, he will hunt your legs, gnaw the furniture, spoil the wallpaper, and generally have fun at his own discretion.

By allowing you to play with old slippers, you, therefore, give the go-ahead to destroy new shoes, because the smell of shoes is common – “foot”. Do not give your puppy leather products with bulges and knots at the edges – he can swallow a large piece at once, which will get stuck in the throat or fall into the intestine, causing obstruction. Change natural beef bones to fresh every 2-3 days to avoid infection.

A little puppy sleeps a lot. Sleep is as important to him as food and play. However, it is very difficult to teach a baby to sleep alone, only in his own specially designated place. Some dog experts recommend on the first night to categorically send a puppy to a pre-prepared mattress. However, remember that a dog is a social being, therefore loneliness is unnatural for it.

Experienced dog breeders know that for a puppy the first night in a new house is often restless. That is why it is better not to chase the baby out of the room where the owner sleeps. Most likely, the newly baked tenant, having already become attached to you in a few hours, will lie down near your bed, so if necessary, you can quickly soothe the baby, stroke him with your hand, and let you feel the desired living warmth. Left alone, its uncertainty, anxiety and fear of the puppy can express with a whimper, a thin whine, scratching the door closed, and if these methods do not help, he begins to whine, invitingly bark or raising his attractive face up and howling like a wolf pup. If the dog started a “night concert”, being locked in the kitchen, then after a while the owner’s patience ends and he will be forced to take the troublemaker into the room. However, in this situation, the puppy made a demand and achieved his goal, and (you can be sure!) He will remember it.

Instilling the rules of behavior in the house is a long process. But do not be a tyrant! It may take several weeks to develop the habit of “place”. When the baby, playing enough, falls asleep in the middle of the room, do not wake him up, but gently lift and take him to the place, quietly saying: “Place! Good place. ”

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