Homemade Puppy Food
Experience shows that a dog needs a special diet that is different from the traditional menu of the host table. And above all, the body of a growing puppy requires…

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Choose a dog for life
Perhaps there is not a single person who could say that he hates animals, especially dogs. But few people have a clear idea of ​​which breed to choose and which…

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Puppy training for the main teams
The trainers know that each team has its own optimal training time. A two-month-old puppy easily learns positive skills related to an activity. It is easy to teach him to…

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How to equip a place for a puppy?

Before you bring a puppy into the house, you should carefully prepare a permanent place for it. Choose the optimal area in the apartment, taking into account the fact that the puppy’s living space will be limited and fenced. Therefore, inside this zone should be all that is necessary for the life of the puppy, the entire minimum set.It includes:

A) absorbent baby diaper. Its size should be about 50×70 cm.

B) a special plastic stove bench with air vents at the bottom. A mattress made of artificial fur should be put on the bed. It can be useful when transporting an animal, traveling, etc. It will be something like a portable bed from which the smell of the house emanates, which is very important for a puppy’s normal sleep in unfamiliar conditions.

B) bowls for food and drink. The dishes should not slide on the floor, for this there are special rubber proponents at the bottom of the bowl. Bowls should be easy to clean, just like the bedding they stand on. You can use special plastic trays for bowls to wash all the dishes together.

D) if the puppy is less than 3 months old, it is very advisable to buy a cot for him, which will create a feeling of security and confidence so that the puppy can hide there. Adult dogs also like these houses. They must be made from natural materials, such as cotton, and labeled as acceptable for hand washing.

D) puppy toys. Ordinary children will not fit because of all sorts of eye-beads and other elements that are easily chewed and can injure the puppy’s esophagus. Toys should be soft, with strong firmware, you can use rubber or latex toys. To strengthen the teeth use special bones with protective properties, shoes from veins, etc.

E) the place for the puppy should be enclosed by choosing suitable materials for this. You can buy metal garage shelves and make them a small fence, you can use a netting net, completely enclosed in the edges of frames from slats or corners, so that the animal does not hurt. You can buy a children’s fencing in a specialized store of children’s goods up to about the knee. It should be borne in mind that already at five months of age a puppy can jump over a barrier. It is undesirable to equip a place for a puppy directly next to the radiator. This corner of the apartment should be well ventilated.

What breed of dog to choose?
What you need to think about when choosing a four-legged friend: Space. The area of ​​your home is a factor that determines the size of the future pet. There is…


The correspondence between the dog and the owner
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