Choosing a healthy puppy
Healthy puppies are active, energetic, playful and cheerful. At first glance, they are all fluffy "buns" that you want to caress. The size and weight of puppies depend on the…

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Puppy training for the main teams
The trainers know that each team has its own optimal training time. A two-month-old puppy easily learns positive skills related to an activity. It is easy to teach him to…

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What vaccinations do puppies need?
You have acquired a puppy, thereby taking responsibility for its life and health. You also have to ask the breeder, the owner of your pet's mom, whether he was given…

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But not sausage

The amount of food for dogs and food allergies

The recommended dry feed rate is usually indicated on the packaging by the manufacturer. Consider that when feeding a dog with a “superpremium” class food, the daily norm is twice as low as when using less expensive “economy” class food.

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How to equip a place for a puppy?

Before you bring a puppy into the house, you should carefully prepare a permanent place for it. Choose the optimal area in the apartment, taking into account the fact that the puppy’s living space will be limited and fenced. Therefore, inside this zone should be all that is necessary for the life of the puppy, the entire minimum set. Continue reading