How to feed a puppy?
Often in large offspring puppies are stunted and not adapted to life. They are born very small, weight and size does not reach the norm. And the bitch feeds only…

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Tone of voice and dog handling
The purpose of training is purposeful education, during which you let the dog know what behavior is desirable. But do not believe those who claim to have raised a faithful…

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You have a puppy
And the baby found himself in your house. He faces a difficult task - to grow into a healthy, obedient and efficient dog. And this should help you - the…

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Dog Commands

Standard commands that we give the dog are considered the most ordinary, non-service commands, such as “next”, “to me”, “lie down”, “sit”, place ”, etc. In the process of dog training, in no case should corporal punishment, gross shouts be applied. This will lead to a violation of the psyche of the animal and will not bring the desired results, and in the future threatens to turn into a serious problem.

The second rule: to train dogs to standard teams should immediately, as the puppy appeared in the house. At the age of about 2 months, the puppy may well learn the commands “place”, “to me” and “fu”, and by 4 months “lie down”, “sit”. After six months, when walking in the air is already possible, it will be easy to teach the dog to the team “near”. The very first team, and the most important – “to me”.

The essence of the training is to fix the conditioned reflexes of the dog to certain sound combinations, to which it reacts accordingly. In the process of training should stock up a dog treat, as well as the necessary items – sticks or popular now clickers, with which today train small breeds of dogs. The dog should immediately determine the place in the house, teach her to let you go to the bowl while she is eating. Patiently pronouncing commands, demonstrating what exactly you want to get from her, wait for each correctly performed action and give a treat.

Sharp jerking of the leash is unacceptable, since this movement can provoke stress and aggression in the dog. To teach the team “to me” should be repeated exercises, but short in time. Neither the dog nor its owner should be tired during the process of training. If the dog is small, then it is better to work with it, having a clicker. The click of the device is served individually, in order not to tire the dog, according to the “command-click-delicacy” scheme. The voice that the host commands, should not be harsh, loud and rude. But at the same time, the team must be given firmly. Treats for performing the correct actions in small portions. And to give encouragement should be only for the action that is performed on command. Many dogs, having understood the essence of what is happening, begin to constantly sit down or do other tricks in the hope of getting a treat. This can not be done. When training you need to gradually move from a simple to a complex action. The dog immediately, from the first trainings, of course, will not sit down and will not lie down. You can give encouragement even for trying to lie down or sit down, a reflex will be gradually developed, and the dog will gradually understand what the owner is waiting for.