Work on exposure and work at a distance. Team Wait
A poorly socialized, nervous dog is hard to convince to accept a fixed position in an unfamiliar place. As a rule, such animals behave restlessly inside the car; bark and…

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Puppy health care
The responsible breeder is obliged to prepare the bitch for the future maternity by conducting antihelminthic therapy (deworming) and vaccination against infectious diseases a month before the expected estrus. At…

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How to feed a puppy?
In order for your pet to grow up healthy, beautiful and happy, you need to carefully monitor its nutrition since childhood. In no case can not feed a puppy from…

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How to raise a dog

All dog owners want their pets to obey and execute commands at their first request. So that they do not jump with their front paws on guests and loved ones. Pachkaya while their clothes at the most inopportune moment. Everyone wants to show what a raised pet they have. How he behaves well, as befits any educated dog.

And in order to achieve a good upbringing, your dog needs simple training. Where she learns to perform the most simple and ordinary commands that are so necessary in the daily life of your pet. The knowledge gained will greatly facilitate your life and communication with him. It will help to avoid later unpleasant situations in society.

The most ideal age to start learning is from the moment when the puppy begins to eat from the bowl on its own. But if suddenly you acquired a dog at a more adult age, then it is necessary to begin training from the first days of life in your family. Many dog ​​training experts claim to be educable at any age. It is only necessary to show patience, endurance and love for your pet.

To make it easier for you to raise your dog you need to understand the psychology of dog thinking. This will facilitate your process of education and training. Pay your attention to stray dogs that roam the streets of cities and villages. They try to keep in packs.

How to raise a dog Therefore, your family is for your pet, something like a pack. And in any pack there must be a leader. Therefore, when raising a dog, it is necessary to make it clear that in your family you are the leader of the pack, and not the dog itself. Otherwise, the dog will not be obedient and capricious. In order to achieve the obedience of the dog, try to use simple actions, such as stroking the skin on the abdomen.

By the way, if the dog quietly lies on his back and gives you the opportunity to scratch his stomach. Already it says that your pet completely trusts you and is in your submission. You can play and conduct experiments with a dog, who looks at anyone. Naturally the dog must first look away or bend his head, hiding his eyes from you.

Never allow the dog to go to bed, let alone sleep on your bed or cot. Even at a young age when he is a puppy. Think about the fact that he grows up and in half a year the puppy will turn into a big dog that will leave wool and dirt on the bed in which you will sleep. And another important detail: do not feed the dog from the common table; it should have a place for sleeping and eating.

You need to train your pet to perform basic commands that will give you the ability to control his behavior in society. When training you need to adhere to a certain tone of voice. This is a must-do, as the dog can determine by your intonation, when you scold it, and when you praise it.

Such a command as “Fu” gives you the opportunity to prevent the dog from pestering passersby or other animals. As well as pick up trash and food waste from the ground while walking or walking. This command makes the dog understand that you are angry and unhappy with its behavior.

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