Puppy health care
The responsible breeder is obliged to prepare the bitch for the future maternity by conducting antihelminthic therapy (deworming) and vaccination against infectious diseases a month before the expected estrus. At…

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Feeding newborn puppies
It seems that each of us faced a situation where, for example, a little kitten was screaming at the house’s windows all night long, or a homeless tiny puppy was…

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Think doggy
The attitude of the dog to its owner is one of the important, and often the dominant, aspect of the behavior of the animal. But why one dog obeys its…

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Educational games and initial defense course exercises

If the puppy is contained in a large cage, often let him walk freely in the room. Remember that you can keep it locked up no more than 12 hours a day. Puppies need active movement and play. In the game version, the foundation of the relationship between the dog and the outside world is laid. The game is a way of learning life in the “pack-family.” Such socialization and the beginning of the acquisition of life experience are closely related to attachment. Do not neglect games with a puppy, even if you are tired at work or want to watch TV. Remember: lack of exercise affects the development of the dog.

Watching the ritual of the game is very funny. “Entry” begins with raising the paws and “bowing” – the puppy pulls the front paws forward, crouching to the ground and not taking his eyes off the potential gaming partner. Then tail wagging and funny bouncing follow until the playmate takes action. Puppies love to play catch-up and constantly “persuade” their owners to chase them. Especially they love to run away from pursuit, grabbing a toy, a bone, your slippers or another object in the mouth. However, you should not get involved in such games, since you instill negative behavioral experience in your pet. In the future, this may cause reluctance to approach the team “To me!”, As well as provoke a habit in a dog to run away from the owner, seizing unauthorized objects from the ground.

Much better if, from a very young age, you start to impart positive skills to your dog. Develop exactly the qualities that your child will need in further training and future work. It is clear that you need to train your puppy in a playful manner, honing his innate talents and shaping the stable psyche of the dog through persistent positive emotions.

As long as an unvaccinated puppy is in the house, a long corridor or a spacious room can become a playground. I know from experience that in games with young dogs, owners usually use only a manifestation of the hunting instinct – the puppy’s innate desire to catch up and grab any abandoned object. The development of the aportirovochny reaction is required for those dogs that will later be used as a search and track. Exercising on the sub-object is also necessary for sports training. At the same time, for future guard dogs, the irrepressible desire to run after any moving object is highly undesirable.

To instill the initial skills on aportirovki stock up a small ball or rubber squeaking toy – this is the “prey” puppy. When the dog rushes after the abandoned ball and grabs the “prey”, pay attention to where it carries it. In case the baby is going in your direction, give the “Aport!” Command after. Calling “To me!” And habitual slapping hands on the knees will force the puppy to come to you with “prey”. As soon as the baby comes running, stroke him gently but resolutely, praising him as enthusiastically as possible.

If the puppy, running up, throws the ball, then try to catch it with his palm. If the “prey” remains in the teeth of the puppy, then, persistently saying the command “Give!”, Try to gently release the ball from the mouth. In no case do not use force and sharp jerks. For special stubborn people who do not want to part with a toy, use a little trick. If your dog runs away with the ball in the other direction, call him, while stretching the treat, and force him to exchange the ball for a piece of tasty food. If the puppy, having played, starts to bark and jump after the toy, switch its attention to the braking “Sit!” Command. Remember that an aportizer should not be too small, so that the baby cannot accidentally swallow it during the game.

If you plan to participate with your dog in competitions in sports training, an obligatory element of which is follow-up work, then it will not be superfluous to teach a pupil to the teams “Nuykhay!” And “Search!” From childhood. For example, when you come home, pay attention to how your puppy sniffs your things, and at that moment when the baby’s nostrils are actively working, give the command “Smelling!”. Next, try to hide his favorite toy from the puppy. At first, let him see how you are hiding a toy behind a chair or under a blanket. Submit the command “Search!” And watch the little snooper work. Well, if the dog rushes in the right direction, it will begin to scratch the floor with a foot or to pick a blanket with its nose. Praise him, cheer and do not try to select the found treasure, when it finally finds itself in the puppy’s teeth. With age, complicate the game, quietly hiding a toy and ensuring that the dog was looking for it on its own. The “Search!” Command can be given “after”. In the future, use several items and in the process of searching, train to search for them by name – for example, “Look for the ball!”, “Look for the bone!”.

Developing games and initial exercises on the course of protectionText dogs, which you plan to use as guards and bodyguards, from childhood teach to protection and the right grip.

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