Dog care
The dog should be kept clean. Every day the hair is combed with a loose comb, and smooth-haired dogs with a stiff hair brush. It removes dirt and dust, as…

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What vaccinations do puppies need?
You have acquired a puppy, thereby taking responsibility for its life and health. You also have to ask the breeder, the owner of your pet's mom, whether he was given…

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Dry food
Recently, domestic dog owners have an alternative to traditional homemade food. These are finished dry food and canned food for animals. Particularly popular are dry granulated feed. However, the number…

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What to do before taking a dog into the forest?

It turns out that walking with a dog in the forest is very dangerous for her. Therefore, if there is such a walk, then it is necessary to prepare in advance for possible troubles. And maybe even go to the forest alone, and leave the dog at home? And if you even had to take the dog into a dense and unfamiliar forest, then you need to watch her in both eyes.

In late summer, ticks are activated in the forest. Therefore, taking the dog to the forest must be sure that the dog is protected from this scourge well enough. Special collars against such parasites are usually calculated for 6-7 months. True, not all models of collars are waterproof. As for the drops from fleas and ticks, their effectiveness has been observed for 3 weeks.

You need to know that the acquired collar or the drops applied to the dog’s hair begin to act only on the 3rd day, so it is recommended to process the dog in advance. In this regard, a spray that is designed for reliable but short-term protection of the dog and is ideal for day trips into the forest is best suited.

What should be done before taking the dog to the forest? If poisonous snakes were seen in the forest, then it is better not to go there with the dog. True snakes rarely attack first, however, dogs can provoke such an attack, trying to just play with colorful tape. In case a snake bites a dog, you must have antihistamines with you that will help support the dog until it is brought to the clinic. As for the special serum, which is introduced into the body of people and animals at the bite of a snake, then it is not always possible to get it, so you need to take care of it in advance. Store the serum should be in the refrigerator.

If the forest is thick enough and unfamiliar, then even a hunting dog can be lost in it. From this it follows that the owner’s phone number on the dog’s collar should be required. It will be much better if the number is stamped on the metal plate of the collar. Not bad, if the dog has a stigma. In this case, the wool around the mark must be carefully cut off so that such a mark is noticeable.

There are even special developments of electronic collars for hunting dogs. Such collars are equipped with sensors with the help of which, the owner can control the dog from a distance and monitor its movements on the GPS receiver. Such a collar can either be bought by paying 1000 euros for it, or rented.

If the dog got lost in the forest, then you should not run around the forest in search of it. The fact is that such actions can only confuse the dog. In such cases, it is necessary to stand in place and loudly call out the dog. If after some time the dog does not come running, then we must calmly and slowly rush to follow our tracks and call the dog.

But it happens quite often when the dog first fumbled in the brushwood, and then with a loud barking rushed into the thicket. It must be said that such a situation can be considered difficult, because the dog attacked someone’s watch began to hunt. While the dog is busy hunting, all the cries of the owner, it will be missed “past the ears.” However, panic in this case is not necessary, but just need to loudly call to yourself. We must think that after a while the dog will simply get tired of such a hunt, and it will return to the owner.

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