Feeding a black Russian terrier
Despite the fact that the black Russian terrier is an almost omnivorous breed, the diet of such a dog should be approached seriously, as improper feeding leads to growth disorders…

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What breed of dog to choose?
What you need to think about when choosing a four-legged friend: Space. The area of ​​your home is a factor that determines the size of the future pet. There is…

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Urination in dogs caused by fear
Urination caused by fear occurs in shy dogs by nature or in those who have been abused or offended. This “nuisance” is not caused by the fact that you poorly…

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then it is better

General information about dog training

Some owners categorically declare that their dog is naturally natural, and training will make him a boring, obedient and inert dog. And this is fundamentally wrong. The dog inherits from its ancestors only instincts, while it is forced to live in human society, and the responsibility for its behavior lies entirely with the owner. In a society, the importance of control over a dog cannot be overestimated, because it is the key to security and mutual understanding. Continue reading

What to do before taking a dog into the forest?

It turns out that walking with a dog in the forest is very dangerous for her. Therefore, if there is such a walk, then it is necessary to prepare in advance for possible troubles. And maybe even go to the forest alone, and leave the dog at home? And if you even had to take the dog into a dense and unfamiliar forest, then you need to watch her in both eyes. Continue reading