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Choosing a puppy for psychological qualities

So, you have weighed all the pros and cons, and decided to buy a small puppy. You feel the need to monitor its growth and development, “fashioning” day after day, your future friend. But how to recognize among the tiny living lumps of one who becomes a desired pet, and will not bring many disappointments into your life? How to choose a puppy so that later do not regret their deed?

The first step in finding the dog of your dreams is a thorough analysis and selection of the breed, taking into account their advantages and disadvantages. Suppose also that you have decided on the floor of your dog. And now, having already a fairly clear idea of ​​the baby, think again: how do you see the future of your dog?

When choosing owners for my puppies, I noticed that potential buyers are primarily interested in their appearance. Least familiar with the standards opt for the largest and plump baby; the most sophisticated – try to get the most pedigree puppy.

If you want to shine in the exhibition ring, then you cannot do without the help of a specialist who knows the nuances of this breed and leading manufacturers. If your goal is an exhibition career, then the puppy selection should focus on the leading characteristics of the exterior. Read the literature, study the standards, visit the exhibitions, look at the winning dogs.

Excellent prospect – to take a puppy from the “star” parents. When choosing such a dog, you should carefully study its physical data, especially such as color and structure of coat, ears, bite, proportions of the head, the correct position of the limbs and tail. All these features of the exterior can be distinguished even in one and a half puppies. A specialist in this breed will easily point you to the vices and shortcomings of each puppy and highlight its merits.

It is well known that even the most promising puppy can be “killed” by improper feeding and maintenance, but it is impossible to get a ring star from an unpromising animal. Famous ancestors совершенно prize winners are absolutely necessary if you want to seriously engage in breeding for the sake of improving the breed. At the same time, I’ll emphasize that the future champion dog must combine not only the “gene pool of gold” of this breed, but also excellent external data in combination with the appropriate character. Cowardice, aggressiveness and excessive nervousness make it difficult for the dog to be exposed and do not allow it to open up in the show ring in all its glory. Psychological problems manifested by undesirable behavior in front of an expert can lead to the disqualification of even the best breed dog.

If your goal is to raise a working dog and train it purposefully to protect the person and his property, then when choosing, you need to focus on the puppy’s temperament. Finally, if you just need a four-legged friend, then the determining factor may simply be a feeling of mutual sympathy and goodwill. Many follow the unspoken rule: “Whoever comes to me is mine” —that is, the person takes exactly that puppy that stretches and runs towards him. Professionals reject the mystical mutual attraction, insisting that you should choose not a dog.

Choosing a puppy for psychological qualities. In any case, looking for a suitable puppy for yourself, do not regret time. Do not take the first little dog – look for the best. At the same time evaluate not only dogs, but also their owner. Remember that if you get a puppy from a responsible breeder, then the chances of acquiring a healthy and confident animal are quite large. Rely on the help of dog handlers and trainers. Ask, compare, evaluate. You may have to talk to a dozen people before you find what you need.

I want to give some recommendations when choosing a dog, designed to perform a particular job. For example, antisocial watchdogs, which are entrusted with the functions of self-protection of a land plot or a house, differ significantly in their psychological qualities from dogs selected for patrolling the territory along with a human security guard. And watchful bodyguard dogs used to protect and safeguard a person cannot be compared with good-natured four-legged companions and family pets.

A puppy is born with a certain temperament, by which force one understands assertiveness, stubbornness, the ability to stand up for oneself and impose one’s will on man. This set of psychological characteristics is individual for each dog, therefore trainers call it “personal qualities”. It is believed that the power of temperament practically does not change with the age of the animal. That is why not every dog ​​is able to perform the functions assigned to it and become an ideal for you.

Before making a choice, watch the puppies for a while. The owner of a mother bitch (breeder) is an excellent source of information, but on the condition that he is an expert in dog psychology and is interested in the further fate of his wards.

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