Dog care
The dog should be kept clean. Every day the hair is combed with a loose comb, and smooth-haired dogs with a stiff hair brush. It removes dirt and dust, as…

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Homemade Puppy Food
Experience shows that a dog needs a special diet that is different from the traditional menu of the host table. And above all, the body of a growing puppy requires…

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Dog Commands
Standard commands that we give the dog are considered the most ordinary, non-service commands, such as “next”, “to me”, “lie down”, “sit”, place ”, etc. In the process of dog…

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Educational games and initial defense course exercises

If the puppy is contained in a large cage, often let him walk freely in the room. Remember that you can keep it locked up no more than 12 hours a day. Puppies need active movement and play. In the game version, the foundation of the relationship between the dog and the outside world is laid. The game is a way of learning life in the “pack-family.” Such socialization and the beginning of the acquisition of life experience are closely related to attachment. Continue reading

Tone of voice and dog handling

The purpose of training is purposeful education, during which you let the dog know what behavior is desirable. But do not believe those who claim to have raised a faithful and controlled dog with beatings and cruel restrictions. I do not argue, since childhood you can “crush” any puppy by raising an animal from it that will be afraid and take a step without a command. Such a dog will never be able to fully open up in the show ring, will not be the winner of sports training, and certainly will not manifest itself properly in the role of protector when meeting with detractors. Continue reading

How to feed a puppy

Brought into the house, a puppy from the first day requires a lot of care and attention. Torn away from maternal affection, warmth and milk, the baby feels lonely and helpless. Therefore, it is necessary to create the most favorable situation for it. And then you will be convinced of the justice of the above proverb, but, most importantly, you will bring up a strong and cheerful pet who will pay you a hundredfold. Continue reading