Feeding newborn puppies
It seems that each of us faced a situation where, for example, a little kitten was screaming at the house’s windows all night long, or a homeless tiny puppy was…

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Dog Commands
Standard commands that we give the dog are considered the most ordinary, non-service commands, such as “next”, “to me”, “lie down”, “sit”, place ”, etc. In the process of dog…

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General information about dog training
Some owners categorically declare that their dog is naturally natural, and training will make him a boring, obedient and inert dog. And this is fundamentally wrong. The dog inherits from…

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Teaching a puppy to clean the house

An important concern of each owner is to teach the puppy to be clean. It is noticed that already three-week puppies specially crawl out of the den to recover. Thus, cleanliness is the innate quality of the dog. Until your puppy has passed the course of preventive vaccinations, he is forced to stay in the house. And you have to be patient, removing 10-15 times a day the “traces of vital activity” of your little pet.

Usually the puppy “goes to the toilet” soon after eating, drinking, playing actively, and also immediately after waking up. It is easier to accustom a dog to a need in a special place if its territory of movement is substantially limited (aviary, cage, fence). A puppy is taught to relieve newspapers located in a small area opposite his mattress and pans. The baby is not released from the cage until it is “noted” on the newspapers. If a puppy learns to properly use the “toilet”, its territory in the house is gradually expanded.

If you don’t use a cell, you’ll have to trace the baby’s daily routine, picking him up and transferring him to newspapers every time he wakes up, eats, or plays. Be sure to praise the puppy with a tender voice as soon as he recovers in the indicated location. Dirty newspapers change, but they leave a symbolic piece of paper in the same place and cover it with new layers on top in order to preserve the smell trail.

Teaching a puppy to cleanliness in a house. It is not necessary to scold a dog if it has finished a need in an unauthorized place. Remember: a puppy’s bladder requires frequent emptying. If, on waking in the morning, you find “puddles” and “heaps” all over the room, then do not get annoyed and do not shout, but simply wash the floor and gently respond to the stormy greeting of the puppy. And in no case do not poke the unfortunate animal with its nose into the urine or feces! In this way, you only give way to your own irritability, but in no way contribute to puppy training to cleanliness.

When your puppy grows up a little, but “punctures” do occur, you can increase the effectiveness of training, using the negative correction method along with positive reinforcement. If you notice that the puppy is looking for a place to relieve himself in the middle of the room, try to stop him. Clap your hands sharply and shout sharply: “Phew! It is impossible! ”, Which will work as a distracting signal. The puppy is likely to stop its occupation, somewhat frightened for such unworthy behavior. After that, quickly pick up the puppy in your arms and take it to the place intended for the toilet. Put the puppy on the newspaper, forcing him to relieve themselves and gently sentencing, like a small child. If everything goes well, sincerely praise the puppy, stroke and treat it with a treat.

If your pupil has already managed to be guilty, express your dissatisfaction with an exclamation like: “Oh, how embarrassing you are!”. And for greater clarity, make the actions that the mother bitch uses to blame her children. Take a puppy by the face and bend down to the “tracks of crime”, but in no case do not poke your nose there. You can shake the dog by the collar, then go together to the place where the puppy must defend. There also take a rag or toilet paper, with which you have removed urine or feces. Do not forget to thoroughly clean the floor using household chemicals that have a strong, specific odor. Such actions will help discourage the puppy from returning to this place and repeating its offense.

To adjust the puppy’s behavior, you can resort to “chemical methods of struggle.” To date, manufacturers of pet products offer special tools that teach a puppy to defend the need in the same place. These properties have a spray from the company “Serko”. You can sprinkle a rag or a layer of newspapers with this tool, offered to the puppy as a “waste place”, and then the time for cleaning the room will be significantly reduced. The company “Beaphar” offers disposable hygienic bedding for puppies “Beau ‑ beau”, impregnated with a special solution and designed to maintain cleanliness in the house.

Teaching a puppy to clean the house. It is known that dogs love to “make pools” on the carpet or where the urine is absorbed quickly. Owners, preoccupied with saving their property, remove carpets from the floor. And this step is quite understandable. However, modern flooring – linoleum, parquet, laminate, ceramic tile – rather unstable for puppy woolly paws. In combination with weak ligaments, increased activity and rapid growth with daily weight gain, keeping a puppy in a room with slippery floors often leads to articular deformities. The most common of these is the size of the front limbs, when the pasterns are turned outwards and the claws look not forward, but in different directions. It is very difficult to correct such a defect, so take care of prevention in advance. Cover the slippery floor with a mat, a cheap cow walk, or even an old blanket. Then the baby’s paws will not spread to the sides.

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